Clients and Testimonials


Rely on Digivents for both your corporative events and internal communications experiences.

  • Distribute readily available and easily updated contents in real time
  • Increase the attendees’ engagement
  • Give attendees an unforgettable experience


The simplicity and reliability of the platform makes Digivents the ideal solution for every association.

  • Give value to your sponsors
  • Create an effective channel of communication with the users
  • Excite your attendees with immersive content

Fairs & Congresses

Conventions, exhibitions, congresses and workshops become more brilliant and captivating with the use of an app.

  • Create value for your partners and exhibitors
  • Communicate with your attendees in real time and make them interact
  • Generate Leads for your organization and your partners
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In occasion of our XVII Congress we have developed our App iCISL in collaboration with Digivents. I am very satisfied with the acclaim received from our delegates and the many people who have downloaded the app. The result was a method of distributing content in electronic format, thus reducing the use of paper and reaching all delegates nearly instantly. In addition, the Live functionality made possible to follow all activities in real time, even for those not attending.


Raffaele Bonanni CISL General Secretary

The collaboration with Digivents for the EMC Forum allowed us to reach high levels of Customer Experience thanks to a flexible, fast and complete app that guaranteed comprehensive information to the attendees of the event.

Francesca Pilone

Francesca Pilone Field Marketing Manager EMC

We have utilized Digivents at the convention of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Monza e Brianza: finally a paperless event where all attendees could consult an on-line agenda and access the speakers’ biographies, press releases, photos and digital contents! Even when using the system as a sponsor, a simple “gamification” activity yielded us more new contacts than the “usual” marketing techniques!

Francesco Ferri

Francesco Ferri Vice President of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria

We’re very satisfied with the application that GOAPP has developed for the Digital Marketing Forum. It is a useful worktool for events, especially if their management is as complex as ours. It helped our attendees find useful information, follow the program, be easily in touch with the other attendees and with our organizers. Additionally, more value was generated with the ability to receive immediate feedback and publish updated contents in real time.


Paola Signorino Communication Responsible, Richmond Italia

The best invention since the discovery of the wheel. A unique, powerful and innovative tool to manage every event, convention and even private or corporate parties.


Marco Colombo CEO Partecipazioni Industriali