Who creates the app?
Contents are entirely managed from a CMS (website) and can be created by us (under your requests) or by you! On the other hand, the publication process on the app store is completely managed by us (also possible with our account in case you don’t have one).

Do I need to know programming to create the app? 
Neither programming nor web design interventions are necessary. The platform is a simple (but powerful) CMS – very intuitive and flexible! You will have at your disposal a tutorial to upload contents but, if you can’t/don’t want to do it by yourself, let us do it for you!

Can I make last minute changes? 
Of course! The platform allows you to make all the necessary changes to have the final app ready in time for your event. You will also be able to make last minute changes during the event and add extra contents after its conclusion.

How does the app get updated after having published changes on the CMS?
The app is automatically updated. The user will be able to visualize the new content while launching the app or by  selecting again the modified content (or clicking “Update contents” in the “Options” section).

After the event, can the app continue to be used or updated?
Yes, you will have the chance to continue communicating with your attendees after the event. If you want to make new contents known, you will be able to publish them on the CMS and use push messages to send the news to all the people who have the app already installed!

Is it possible to create an app in a few hours?
Yes! If you have all the contents available, the platform allows you to create an app in just a few hours and if your event starts tomorrow you will be able to make it available immediately (in the Digivents Ready platform or by using Enterprise distribution mechanisms). Our experts are at your disposal to provide you with all the necessary information.