App not only for business events

Your wedding’s day, a birthday, an anniversary or any other reason to celebrate with your friends and family… Why not having a special app and share special moments with them?  And not only for one day but more than that!

Apps can help your event to be even more special and extend it.

Today we will let you know how could they be useful for some kind of social events
Information you usually must print in paper you could easily find it inside an app:
  • Invitation
  • Menu
  • Guests list & tables
  • Etc.
You could also share with the guests a short bio about the couple, pictures of the families and testimonies!
This tool simplifies interaction between the organizer and guests, even between guests and the couple, being able to share images and videos in social networks or sending push messages after, during and after the event.
Here you can find an image as an example:
The logo, buttons, font and everything you see can be customized
Imagine coming back to your wedding’s day with the help of an app! Go back in the past thanks to pictures, videos and share all that is special and important for you with your family and friends.
Is your 16th birthday near? Would you like to share this special day with your friends? Think about all the things you could be able to have in your app! Pictures, videos, send push messages to your friends and family, involve all your guests with social networks and more.
The app allows you to make last minute changes, saving time and impression costs.