Digivents chosen for the VMWare vForum 2014

In June, Milan and Rome have hosted the italian dates of the “VMWare vForum 2014“, one of the most important events in the technology industry.



For us, Digivents being chosen as the platform for the app realization is a reason to brag. With Digivents users had access to different type of information such as agenda, speakers bio, map and technical brochure. Moreover, there were available a registration system and a feedback form.


The top feature of the aplication, however, has been the contest management: users could collect the exhibitor’s logo reading specific QR codes that were available in their stands. Collected all the necessary QR codes, users could take part in the extraction of some prizes offered by the organizer. The adopted strategy is a brilliant example of an efficient action of lead generation for sponsors, done in a simple way and with a technologic approach suitable for the audience.