A single app, different contents for each user

Apps have already become an esential tool for the events organization, especially because they provide many advantages to attendees, to the organizers and to the sponsors/exhibitors.

The organizer’s main concern is that contents are not always appropriate for all the attendees: due to a matter of privacy it is necessary making a distinction between the users that will have access to them. In order to face this requirement it is necessary a mechanism of user profiling.


First of all… what is user profiling?

It is a tool that allows to specifically individuate the user, who will access the app by entering a login and password, in order to provide him just only the contents that he is allowed to see.  For the event organizers or for a company (if you think of training sessions or documents distribution to a sales network) this is an important feature considering that it simplifies contents distribution to many groups of people.

On the Digivents platform the user profiling is an intrinsic feature and if it’s used accurately it can offer many advantages:

– Possibility to upload contents in a single app

– The most confidencial documents will be only visualized by some users or groups of users

– Each user will be able to visualize a customized agenda

– Possibility to visualize the behaviour of a single user (use of the app, visualized documents, etc.)

– Regarding gamification, it is possible to allow a certain group of people the participation to a contest or any kind of game.



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