A tool that is changing the way events are organised!




This year started off with a lot of news for the events industry!

During the last years, the use of mobile devices and NFC technology has increased allowing event planners to communicate with their attendees in a more efficient and different way.

Apps have already become an essential tool for the event organization as they allow organisers to provide attendees all the information about the event and, at the same time, to integrate gamification tools, messaging, social networking in order to increase the engagement and support the lead generation. If you haven’t used this tool yet, discover here why your event deserves an app!

Today we’d like to introduce you a tool that is attracting the attention of all the tech hunters and the event planners: the iBeacons.

Before we start talking about its benefits and its possible uses… What are iBeacons?

iBeacons are essentially little transmitters that operate with Bluetooth energy and send a signal to a mobile device that is near them and which, at the same time, is equipped with Bluetooth and an specific app.

How do they work?

First of all, you should know that these transmitters are initially “neutral”, it means that they don’t have a pre-configured behaviour. That’s the reason why it’s necessary to programme them by using a software and to assign them a certain functionality. When a user with an specific app is near the iBeacon, it’s immediately detected and the iBeacon sends it a certain signal that for the user it can become into a welcome message, an offer, etc.

iBeacons for events

In 2015 iBeacons are expected to have  a big impact in the events industry not only because they simplify and speed up some processes but also because they significantly increase the users involvement.


Below you’ll find some ideas on how to use this technology in your events:

Registration/Check-In: place the iBeacons in the entry of the location in order to recognise the users with the app installed and automatically proceed to their registration.

Welcome the attendees: send a welcome message to the attendees right after they enter the location.

Useful information and promotions: allow attendees to receive useful information or promotions when they are near some points of interest (stand, entry, etc.)

Gamification: use iBeacons related to gamification tools to increase the attendees engagement.

Reference Map: allow attendees to visualise the map and know where they are relative to the venue.

Networking: allow attendees to view who is present at the event and who is nearby, receive contact information, social media profiles, etc.

Lead generation: use this technology to achieve your goals on lead generation and also your sponsors ones.


These are just a few ideas on how you can use the iBeacons in your events!

The apps that make use of iBeacons are a powerful solution that will change the way in which we participate to the events, connecting both the online and offline world.  That’s why Digivents gives you the possibility to use this technology in your events!

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