Digivents in full sail with P.O.Box Garda Lake

On wednesday, march 25th in Salò, on Lake Garda, took place the Regata Meeting Invitational, organized by P.O.Box Garda Lake. The event app was developed by Digivents.


During the occasion more than 50 participants competed in the “battle” for the Regatta which took place on the Garda Lake. The event, held at the Bellerive Hotel, opened with a welcome speech by Fabio Gasparri, P.O.Box Garda Lake founder. His address was then followed by renowned helmsman Stefano Rizzi, who’s oration entitled “The passion, the sail, the Garda Lake” reflected on his personal experiences and passions unfolding in the local region.

Following the conclusion of the interventions, the attendees were introduced to the most compelling moment of the day: the managers and entrepreneurs forming the group were separated in competing teams and entrusted to many decorated helmsmen, each team with the duty of facing the rival sailboats in an authentic Regatta. All attending helmsmen were prize winning champions, boasting national, continental and worldwide titles: Stefano Rizzi, Carlo Fracassoli, Enrico Fonda, Oscar Tonoli, Giulia Barbera, Luca Modena, Fabio Zeni, Federica Salvà, Andrea Felci and Albino Fravezzi.

Prior to the race, every contestant was able to visualize the information regarding his own team (name and sailboat number), including their helmsman’s C.V., thanks to the Digivents content profiling functionality integrated within the app. Many other relevant informations about the event were available on the app (schedule, location map, etc.), including P.O.Box Garda Lake’s social network webpage. Picture galleries and video content of the event will also be available soon!