Digivents’s arrived in Argentina!


Last 30th April Digivents took part in the Salones Puerto Norte opening, in Rosario – Argentina.
More than 1.500 people attended the event and enjoyed a fantastic view over the Paraná river. The Convention Centre is part of an important investment and its founders are sure that it will become a strong reference point for the events organization in Argentina. Certainly, this will also have an impact on the city growth  (Rosario – Santa Fé).

Its founders, Mario Corradi and Gustavo Curto, have chosen us for the creation of the centre’s inaugural app: Digivents has finally disembarked at the other side of the ocean!

Inside the app was possible to find the founder’s bio, tourist information about Rosario, an exclusively dedicated button for Dress Code, a dedicated button for Gaurí catering and references for the social networks. For the opening it has been created an special hashtag, #fiestaPuertoNorte, which has allowed the attendees to interact and share pictures and information about the party.

Below there’s an image of the app: