Digivents’s arrived in Argentina!


Last 30th April Digivents took part in the Salones Puerto Norte opening, in Rosario – Argentina.
More than 1.500 people attended the event and enjoyed a fantastic view over the Paraná river. The Convention Centre is part of an important investment and its founders are sure that it will become a strong reference point for the events organization in Argentina. Certainly, this will also have an impact on the city growth  (Rosario – Santa Fé).

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Let your event become longer with push messages



What’s a push message?

A push message is similar to an SMS with the difference that – to send one – the consignee’s phone number is not needed. The service is based on a technology in which the user needs to have an application already installed, and even if it’s not being executed it will allow the user to visualise the messages on his or her own smartphone or tablet.

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Don Bosco is here with Digivents!



Ispettoria Lombardo Emiliana has created an app for iOS and Android systems, by using Digivents, dedicated to the Don Bosco‘s urn pilgrimage. This app allows believers to follow the different stages of the pilgrimage with the events descriptions and the places where the corpse is going to halt.

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CISL general segretary, Bonanni, appreciates Digivents



Those words pronounced by the CILS general segretary, Raffaele Bonanni, to Digivents are of appreciation!
Digivents‘ team of GOAPP, present at the XVII Confederal Congress was able to get a declaration from the segretary in which he praises the product and our job. Many were the appreciations received from the attendees regarding the iCISL app created by us, that made us feel proud and encourage us to keep on this way.

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