GAMIFICATION: An effective tool to engage the audience in events

Companies and event planning agencies are facing a new challenge: increase and improve the audience engagement at events. A not-so-simple challenge but if it is developed correctly, turns out to be a success. In this era in which building opportunities and building customer loyalty is a must, the engagement is the first and most important goal of almost every company or association. Tecnology in terms of “games” in apps or web is considered an efficient tool to reach this goal.



The word “Gamification” refers to the use of tools (games, contest, etc.) in order to improve the experience in the professional context making emphasis on amusement, competition spirit and goals achievement. In public events gamification is aimed at increasing the audience interaction, while in corporate event it’s useful for motivating and engaging employees and colleagues.
Gamification can be used in digital modality (e.g.: inside an specific app for the event) or in it’s traditional modality: it’s also considered a powerful tool to engage sponsors (who will have available a more efficient means of lead generation).
Throughout time, in Digivents have been developed many types of games according to the customers needs.  Games, inside an app, allow event planners to “charge” the audience before the event and then keep on with the interaction during and after its end. Let’s make some examples:


In this case the game can be used to create a “pre-event” and to engage colleagues that receive daily challenges (e.g.: “Take a selfie before entering the customer’s office”) up to the event day. The interaction activity in the social network of each user can be moderated in order to generate a score to create internal contests.



For the VMware vForum 2014 Italy, Digivents allowed users to collect the exhibitor’s logo reading specific QR codes that were available in their stands. Collected all the necessary QR codes, the user could take part in the extraction of some prizes offered by the organizer.
The adopted strategy is a brilliant example of an efficient action of lead generation for sponsors, done in a simple way but with a considerable cost saving (any cards printed) and with a technologic style suitable for the type of audience.


Feedback forms inside an app can be very useful both for the organizer and for sponsors. Can be used to:

– Verify the appreciation of the many sessions of the event

– Ask for feedback respecting the presentations and speakers

– Ask for feedback respecting the catering or any other service offered

– Collect users information functional for the lead generation.

In general, gamification allows to make the event more captivating, increasing even more the effectiveness, collection of information and lead generation.