How to easily manage registration for activities with limited places in your event (“Session booking”)


The open-enrollment activities during the events (workshops, leisure activities, 101 meetings etc.) are considered among the most important tools in the repertoire of the event manager. They frequently turn out to be the main experiences that the attendees associate to the event, and that they tend to remember in the long run. With a bit of creativity and attention to detail they can become the most popular and effective tool of your project.

An event that provides an opportunity for guests to choose from workshops, in-depth courses, team building activities, sports or tourist type to discover the local attractions dramatically increases the involvement of the guests and strongly encourages them to socialize and forge ties with their colleagues.

The implementation and coordination of these activities, however, can present different problems for the organizers. Traditionally, communication with participants, and the promotion of these were handled manually, with a persistent (and sometimes exhausting) database upgrade work and related information or reminders of deadlines.

To lessen the impact of the drawbacks in terms of time and resources, Digivents introduces the “Session Booking” feature – a tool that reduces the distances between organizer and participant allowing the registration to the activities directly through the event via smartphone app.


The advantages offered by this tool:

1. Subscribing to easy and instant sessions from mobile
Users can conveniently use the application to book a workshop or other activities, knowing immediately if the booking is successful or if availability has meanwhile exhausted. In addition they will immediately have access to their personalized agenda, where they will be displayed in chronological order the sessions to which they are registered.


2. Integration with check-in / session registration technologies
In case it is required, you can also allow participants to check-in at the entrance of the chosen sessions using the Beacon and QR code technologies, thanks to which the time spent in the queue to credit decreases significantly (see how CISCO implemented the Digivents Beacon check-in).


3. Support in project management
Is offered to the organizers a concrete method and instantaneous predict, detect and analyze the interests and flows of their participants. This enables event managers to obtain all the other information critical logistical and organizational ensuing – available space, seats, furniture and equipment, audio / video equipment, printing documentation and badges, custom gadgets and various services such as bandwidth WiFi, catering and human resources / staff.


4. Registration monitoring
The organizers can keep track of reservations in real time and send custom push notifications about the event only to those who have actually entered (eg a communication about a change of time or location addressed only to the relevant participants). It eliminates the need to manually scan the emails in database / CRM for sending exceptional communications.

You can also create group chats that include only members of a particular event as well as you can put to participants – and nobody else – documents and other material related to the specific event.

This new app of Digivents functionality is already available as an option in versions for iOS, Android and the web: it is also a feature that can also be added to the app already developed.