Don Bosco is here with Digivents!



Ispettoria Lombardo Emiliana has created an app for iOS and Android systems, by using Digivents, dedicated to the Don Bosco‘s urn pilgrimage. This app allows believers to follow the different stages of the pilgrimage with the events descriptions and the places where the corpse is going to halt.

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EMC Forum 2013 with Digivents


Once again, GOAPP in collaboration with Vodafone makes the official app for an important event organised by EMC Italy, the EMC Forum 2013. By downloading the apps iOS and Android developed with Digivents‘ platform, users will be updated with the ultimate news of the Forum and will be able to access to the presentations, speakers biographies, sponsors, etc.

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Digivents at MonzaGP 2013

From 5th to 8th September begins MonzaGP 2013, which contains events with an emblem in innovation and sustainability promoted by Comune di Brianza to entertain thousands of fans and tourists that will arrive at Monza for the Gran Premio de Italia of F1.
Digivents has been the chosen platform to create the app for iOS and Android that fans will be able to use to discover the many initiatives organised for this occasion.

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CISL general segretary, Bonanni, appreciates Digivents



Those words pronounced by the CILS general segretary, Raffaele Bonanni, to Digivents are of appreciation!
Digivents‘ team of GOAPP, present at the XVII Confederal Congress was able to get a declaration from the segretary in which he praises the product and our job. Many were the appreciations received from the attendees regarding the iCISL app created by us, that made us feel proud and encourage us to keep on this way.

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Warming up at the CISL Congress with Digivents



It’s about to start the XVII Confederal Congress of CISL. Video and sound systems already checked, journalists everywhere and security control considering the important announced names.
Also this year is present Digivent‘s team that will be in charge of updating contents and sharing them in real time by using the union’s official app.

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iCISL – CISL’s official app



GOAPP in partnership with Vodafone, create the official app for CISL, the principal italian union. The app is considerated an important channel of communication between the union and their registered persons. Inside it can be founded the lastest news, the different offices’ geolocalization around the national territory, conventions, services and “Conquistas del Trabajo”, the principal press conference of the union.

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Digivents at XVII Congresso Federale CISL


CILS chooses Digivents to “digitalize” the next National Congress 2013. The app made for iOS and Android systems will allow thousands of people to have on their own smartphones or tablet a digital version of the event program. Inside it attendees will find useful logistic information, speakers’ biographies, documents, programs, etc.

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Monza Brianza Business Matching, May 2013


Digivent‘s platform has been chosen to create the official app for the Monza and Brianza Business Matching 2013 event.

The event took place in the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza on 28th May 2013 in the Monza’s National Racing Circuit and it has been a big challenge for Digivent’s team because the app has been created in just only one day.
A challenge that finished being a great success considering the enormous appreciation coming from the organization and the public.

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