Let your event become longer with push messages



What’s a push message?

A push message is similar to an SMS with the difference that – to send one – the consignee’s phone number is not needed. The service is based on a technology in which the user needs to have an application already installed, and even if it’s not being executed it will allow the user to visualise the messages on his or her own smartphone or tablet.

Currently, lots of companies use this technology as a marketing strategy being this one more efficient and direct than the conventional email. An appropriate usage, either with contents or with the schedule to send messages, will allow the company to reach it’s communication goals and the user to be informed -in real time- about news or updates handled from the app.

Advantages of having push messages in an app

  • Speed: notifications are received immediately
  • Efficacy: an SMS is more efficient than an email and it doesn’t go through the “anti-spam” of the server (but attention to not to exaggerate)…
  • Service duration: the user can receive the push message without having the app in execution
  • Cheap: lots of apps offer push communication for free
  • Profile selection: possibility to select users depending on their preferences, likings, localization, etc.


Events & Push Notifications
Even the events management sector benefits with this tecnology. Digivents’ app -that allows the digitally management of congresses, conventions, exhibitions, etc. -increase it’s  efficacy with push communication before, during and after the event.
For the organizers, there’s an opportunity to create a “pre-event” moment announcing the app to the attendees who will be able to receive news or last minute changes, information about the location, speakers, schedule, etc.
On the other hand, during the event is possible to make a communication of the service, as for example: “Go to the reception and you will be given a gadget”), communicate the hashtag used for the event, or even invite attendees to fill in a survey (maybe directly from the app)!
At the end of the event, the communication with attendees can continue with gratitudes, information, content updates (maybe published in the app), survey results, etc. This is a way to create another “link” with the user, increasing the engagement of those who have already participate in the event.