New Technologies are the core of the Spanish congress sector’s events.

Digitvents’ innovation is among the protagonists of the 30th OPC congress.

Neuroscience applied to the events organization, security in conferences, evolution of new technologies, compliance with the funds management and, moreover, the latest innovations, challenges, criticalities and opportunities of the events’ market: these are going to be some of the topics covered bv the 30th edition of the ‘Congreso Nacional de Empresas Organizadoras Profesionales de Congresos’ (National Congress of the Professional Congresses’ organizers, http: //congreso2018.opcsp ), to be held in Spain, in Alcalá de Henares, from 15 to 16 February 2018, and organized by Opc Spain ( in collaboration with the agency Aim Group.

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The event is going to be a cross-sector and multi-sectorial meeting, with the participation of over 400 professionals who will attend it in order to update their expertise and share their perspectives in the field of congresses, meetings and events. Among the protagonists and sponsors of the congress there is also Digivents, which in this occasion provided the participants of the ‘Congreso Opc 2018′ with a useful App dedicated to the event. The App – that can be downloaded from the app stores – has the objectives of optimizing the communication during the event, as well as the interaction and the engagement of the attendees, while giving a logistic support to the organizers.


In fact, the app offers many interactive features: among these, the opportunity to make live questions during the speeches and the optimization of networking (via chat, exchange of digital business cards, etc …). In addition, the events participants will be given the opportunity to read the articulated agenda of the three-days event, where high-status professionals will talk about topics of great relevance: humanization of the digital world to the new trends between innovation and tradition, neuroscience applied to events, choice of the right locations for international conferences and organization of meetings in the Spanish cities that UNESCO heritage of humanity. In addition to the details about schedule, speakers and content, it will be possible to be informed about cocktails and dinners and about tours for discovering the city, which has been elected World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998.

Finally, Digivents has offered the very useful opportunity to get to know the guests’ opinions by asking their feedback through special surveys.