Registration & accreditation: an app can make the difference

New technologies for event registration and accreditation of participants

Nowadays, technology is our best friend: its purpose is to make people’s life easier and allow them to save precious time – as well as money, sometimes.

In the field of event managing, technology allows the organizers to customize all the aspects of the events, so that the experience they propose – regardless of the number of guests, size or complexity of the event itself – can be more relevant and tailored upon the needs of every participant.

Beacon app check-inqr-code app check-in

Among the elements that can make the difference, especially if boosted by technology, there is certainly the one related to the registration / accreditation process, which is a fundamental aspect of an event – together with the reception of attendees.

The online pre-registration of the participants to an event, for example, allows to:

1- automatically create databases,

2- simplify and speed up the on-site reception activities by creating the so-called ‘fast track lanes’,

3- save money and time, given that the pre-registration data are already in an electronic format. Moreover, it provides a useful forecast on the number of visitors and their origin.

Thanks to the Digivents platform, for instance, you can receive in advance the qr code dedicated to the event, so that you can speed up the check-in and eliminate the queues to the registration desk. Moreover, the procedure based on the Beacons (Bluetooth accreditation system), will allow attendees to be registered automatically and access the event just being on-site.

Furthermore, as far as it concerns the process of printing the attendees’ badges, Digivents allows to  integrate ad-hoc printers in the check-in process, so that badges are printed directly during the check-in.

Flavio Ventre, Digivents’ founder, says: “Managing the registration process in a simple and effective way (let us think to the the attendees’ lists or to tailored email templates, to the registration forms or the management of accreditation through qr code and Beacons), represents one of the objectives of the companies that organize events. Thanks to customized apps, all these activities are just a click away “.

The Beacon system in event management: opportunities, hints and a practical application! [Article]

Once having registered, therefore, the attendees’ will enjoy an easier check-in process, as well as a check-out process (for instance, the check-out is very common in the ECM courses or the compulsory training for lawyers and journalists). This is possible thanks to a simple and fast authentication procedure, both for multiple sessions (multiple check-in sessions to account for access to workshops, reserved areas or sponsor stands) and for managing registrations to activities with limited numbers of participants: the process will ensure a reduction of stress for organizers and of course the possibility of error.

As Dr. Chiara B., child neuropsychiatrist, declares: “For medical doctors, professional updating is crucial, as well as time: when I attend a compulsory ECM training event, the contents and themes that will be covered are fundamental. An app that allows me to obtain information about the speakers of the conference and to receive extracts of the contents presented would be very useful. I have often to attend conferences between a visit to the hospital and a visit in the studio … I can pre-register for an event and check-in and check-out in very fastly now, thanks to Qr Code and Beacons – which are a real plus to me “.